Friday, 19 April 2013

Animal Mommy VS People Mommy

Wow, what a journey this week has been. Spring is here but we are still under 6 feet of melting snow! I know Spring is here only because we have lots of baby animals here on the ranch!  We have 5 orphaned lambs that we are bottle feeding for the next twelve weeks and 40 baby chickens that we have to keep warm and alive. We have a baby calf but thank goodness she has her mommy to keep her fed. Our 6 colts are managing on their own and our 12 weanling pigs are growing into some wonderful cuts of meat! lol!

Being a people mommy is stressful but holy (pardon the pun) cow! Being an animal mommy is on a WHOLE NOTHER LEVEL!

Let me start by saying I have NO farming experience WHATSOEVER! Without my husbands wonderful teaching and Google, I would have not come as far as I have. I can actually carry out a conversation with the locals now in a few topics and not just nod my head and laugh like I know what they are talking about!

The differences and similarities between taking care of animal babies and taking care of children are NOT that vastly different but the concern you have for them is a completely different frame of mind and creates different feelings in your heart. For me it does anyways.

Sitting in the chicken coop this morning, after realizing the power had gone out, seeing all these baby chicks huddling to keep warm, not making a peep and seeing two dead ones just laying there was almost surreal. I had a totally humbling God moment. I could see how God is so much bigger than I am. He can see everything around me, just like I could see everything around the chicks. Seeing the dangers, the life giving things in my life, just like I could see the water bowls and the warm glow from the lamps for the chicks. My hand reached into the brooder and gently guided chicks back into the light and warmth, close to the water. In that moment, I realized that is how God works in my life too. Seeing dangers and protections in my life and gently guiding me back to safety.

I love being a people mommy and seeing all my children flourish and grow into loving and caring adults but being an animal mommy fills a different part of my heart to overflowing.

Life is wonderful here on the ranch and I wouldn't change it for the world!

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  1. Love it! The parable of the chicks was really relevant, too. So glad you're blogging so you can expand on your adventures more than on FB! Can't wait for more, Shirley. (PS - it's Jacquie G)